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Need Sedation Dental Care? You’re Not Alone, and We Can Help

If you’re like many people, going to the dentist can be an anxiety-laced experience. And most dental care providers not only understand that this is normal behavior but have sedation dental care available for these patients.

Small children naturally are leery of dentists, but many adults also have a natural fear of the dental procedures involved.

So the best dentists design their practice, their offices, and use sedation dental care to ease this anxiety to make the experience as pleasant as possible, so you don’t continue to neglect the essential dental care you need.

And at the conclusion of this article, we’ll help you when you begin your search for “sedation dentistry near me” on your web browser.

Need Sedation Dental Care You're Not Alone, and We Can Help

What Is Sedation Dentistry and How Can It Help?

So what is sedation dentistry? In a nutshell, it’s the use of medication and procedures to make you as relaxed as possible for an anxiety-free and pain-free experience.

Also known as sleep dentistry, your dentist will use four different levels of sedation, and they are:

Minimal sedation: This is where you are still awake and conscious, but very relaxed.

Moderate sedation: Or conscious sedation, you may feel a little loopy (slur your words, for example) and you may not remember the dental procedure.

Deep sedation: You are for the most part nearly unconscious, but can be wakened up.

General anesthesia: Simply put, you’re unconscious.

So what types of sedation is used? Well, there are four of those, as well:

Inhaled, minimal sedation: Known as laughing gas (it’s actually nitrous oxide), when added with oxygen, the nitrous oxide is administered through a mask, and it puts you in a relaxed state.

Oral sedation: Your dentist will give you pills such as valium or halcion.

Intravenous (IV) moderate sedation: The medication is administered through your vein.

Deep sedation, general anesthesia: Medication, either orally, IV, or inhaled, render you unconscious or close enough.

Sedation Dentistry Side Effects and Sedation Dentistry Cost

One of the primary sedation dentistry side effects is one most patients are OK with, and that is the amnesiac effect some forms of sedation medication can cause. If you have a fear of dentists and dental procedures, not remembering the procedure (or much of it) is acceptable.

Other sedation dentistry side effects can be nausea, headaches, dry mouth, and dizziness.

The sedation dentistry costs can vary depending on where in the country you life and the dental care provider you choose to work with.

These sedation dentistry costs are costs in addition to the cost of the rest of the procedure, and the national average ranges from $50 for the laughing gas (nitrous oxide), the oral sedation medications averages nationally at around $245, and IV sedation about $550.

Fear of Dentists No Worries With Sedation Dental Care

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