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How To Get Past Your Childhood Dentist Nightmares

Few people will ever talk about visiting their dentist with excitement and enthusiasm. Most people speak of it in a dreaded fashion and sound like they would rather be going in for surgery than having a dental exam.  Let’s share a few past experiences that may ring true, in some fashion with you, and then explore the best ways to get past them and move on.

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Pain in Your Head Is Never Good

Can we all agree that a toothache can probably win on the the scale of pain against a headache, even though they are both happening in the head region? One such case in point years ago involved a teen-aged girl, who regularly suffered migraine headaches, before going in for a root canal. She had said beforehand that nothing could trump the pain of a migraine.  Everything started out very well including her pre-root-canal valium and the numbing of the tooth prior to the procedure. Half-way through the routine, the dentist confided in her that he had broken off a file in her tooth and could not retrieve it. She was almost 35 before the blunder was corrected.


Truth Serum in Front of Your Parents Is Never Good

When we got “knocked out” by the dentist years ago, they used sodium pentathol, aka “truth serum,” which was a rapid working, short-acting barbiturate used as a general anesthesia.  One boy in his late teens, who had been hiding some salacious secrets from his parents, allegedly spilled all the beans after his injection. This did not work well at all for him and he ended up blaming that dentist for getting him grounded for two months.


He Was a Simple Country Dentist

Twin girls came into a small country dentist to have their teeth examined and cleaned. In between their sessions the dentist disappeared for almost 20 minutes.  When he came back he appeared to have spilled some cough syrup down the front of his dental coat. After the second twin was finished with her examine and cleaning she asked what was on the front of his coat.  The dentist replied, “I usually have a helper that comes by to give my horse his medicine. He didn’t show up today, so I had to run out to the barn and give it to him myself. Horses can be pretty messy!” Nuf said, we’ll just leave that story right there.

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Find the Perfect Dentist Near You to Wipe Out Bad Memories

Don’t think for a minute that dentists of yesteryear were bad or bad-intentioned.  They weren’t. But they were operating with some primitive equipment and materials.  If you need help finding a great dentist, who is multi-talented, close by, and operates in a modern, cutting-edge environment, go to:  A knowledgeable dental associate can provide the names of area dentists who can consult with you and explain the many services they provide, including routine exams and cleanings, tooth repairs, root canals, and a wide variety of cosmetic services that will keep your smile looking great.

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